IBM & AtSistemas

IBM & AtSistemas

Coworked with one of the AtSistemas’ clients - IBM Barcelona for a few years.

Gas Natural Spain platform

Tailored CRM platform, developed using J2EE and Adobe Flex 3 technologies.

Once upon a time Apache Flex was Adobe Flex and big energetic sector players such as Gas Natural believed their high rated old-schoolish technology advocates to adopt such technologies.

Some businesses’ web platform frontends were being reinvented, again. But this time, using a not SEO-friendly, not semantic, not maintainable nor scalable technology.

But who knows how the future looks like, right?

Galp Energia Spain platform

This company has been using SAP for years.

One of its utilities, SAP IS-U was meant to be reused throughout the Web. And there is where SAP UCES comes in.

Using the SAP Utility Customers E-Services Galp Energia’s customers’ online platform was re-engineered.

This time at least the front was limited by the standards and browser vendors of such times, only.