Non resident bank accounts in Spain

Non resident bank accounts in Spain

David Pelayo

Can a foreign non-resident in Spain open a bank account?

Of course, a foreign non-resident can open a bank account in Spain - they just need an ID document which uses to be a passport and a certificate of non-residency which serves to demonstrate the bank provider that you’re exactly that, a non-resident person.

However, banks could request other documents according to the product you might be willing to contract.

How can you get a Certificate of non-residency?

Attending to the closest Police Station (preferrable in big cities since you’ll find them easier) or the Foreign Office with your passport and the relevant forms. Then, you usually pay a fee.

If you are aborad, you could also go to a Spanish Consultate in order to get the certificate, which tends to take areound a week to be issued.

What’s the expiration period of the Certificate of Non-residency?

Three months.

Why is this going to be useful?

Well, just be practical - if you’re living in the country but you aren’t from Spain, you’ll likely be needing a debit card for your purchases and day-to-day transactions.

There are plenty of options today that would comply with the “Digital banking” mindset.

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